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Simmons & Fletcher, a Houston-based law firm specializing in personal injury and accidents, relies on inbound phone calls and website forms as their primary channels for client acquisition. However, the company faced significant challenges in managing incoming traffic, namely extensive duplication of data, inconsistent terminology across campaigns, and the loss of crucial details during handling. This made accurate marketing analytics and lead conversion measurement impossible.


Out of all vendors in the market providing similar services, the client specifically chose Coral Team as experts in customizing and configuring the Litify Salesforce package with a request to automate traffic processing and enhance their data analytics capabilities. Leveraging Litify, a specialized Salesforce package for legal practices, the resulting solution streamlined operations and improved data management.

Integrating CallRail with Salesforce

Our client utilized CallRail to keep track of incoming phone calls. While CallRail offers standard call recording features, it fell short of meeting our client's requirements for data accuracy and consistency. To address this, Coral Team capitalized on CallRail's built-in integration capabilities, seamlessly transferring all calls into Salesforce. This process records these interactions as Intakes, ensuring streamlined data management and enhanced functionality.

All inquiries originating from the website are also seamlessly integrated into CallRail before being transferred into Salesforce. 

This integration extends our tracking capabilities to encompass leads generated from both phone calls and website forms, ensuring comprehensive data collection and analysis:


Figure 1: Custom integration between Google Ads, CallRail and Salesforce

As a result, we ensured that every single inquiry is automatically sent to Salesforce without a single duplicate, thereby completely eliminating manual data processing.

Furthermore, Intakes (also known as leads) were configured to capture all essential details during the initial phone conversation with potential customers.
Additionally, a validation process was implemented to eliminate duplicate entries, ensuring that each record remained unique and accurate.

Intake Form

Figure 2: Intake Form

This approach ensured that each interaction was thoroughly documented, minimizing the risk of overlooking any client engagement and minimizing the number of additional interactions needed to fill in the gaps in the inquiry.

Custom Analytics

Now that all data is clean and complete, it can be leveraged to generate insightful statistics that will shed light on customer behavior, preferences, and pain points, empowering our clients to make informed decisions.

In order to gather all required marketing information from various sources, we implemented several integrations: