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Meet our Salesforce-certified support team

Coral Team brings to the table years of first-hand experience providing ongoing Salesforce technical support for major international clients. We are the only team you’ll need to ensure your Salesforce performs to its fullest 24/7, delivering lightning-fast resolution of any issues with zero downtime.

Our Salesforce technical support services

24/7 help desk

Providing ongoing support via email and phone to quickly resolve users’ issues, or simply help them make the most of Salesforce functionality.


Setting up users, permissions, and dashboards, as well as business and security rules to streamline Salesforce adoption across your organization.


Using Salesforce’s out-of-the-box tools to create custom workflows, fields, and other objects while tailoring the system to your business processes.


Customizing your Salesforce software at a deeper level by programming new components, as well as implementing integrations with third-party services or data sources.

Our Salesforce support engagement models

When referring to Salesforce support, various businesses can mean a radically different scope of work. We at Coral Team, though, have got all the bases covered. Whether you require getting through a particularly tricky configuration or seek a dedicated admin team for years to come, we are here to help.

Technical consulting

Providing recommendations on particular tasks or issues, such as how to implement a certain workflow or a dashboard.

Technical support

Doing Salesforce configuration and customization, such as setting up access permissions or modifying data entry forms.

Support team augmentation

Extending your existing Salesforce support team, and fully adhering to their best practices, processes, and tools.

Dedicated support teams

Building and managing a dedicated team that can be easily scaled, at any time, with no hiring or operational overhead on your end.

Success Story

Support of US law firm management platform

A Salesforce-based platform that enables law firms to improve document management, client experiences and analytics entrusted Coral Team with technical support of over 30 of their clients, some of America’s techiest law businesses.

Salesforce support problems we solve

By offering a comprehensive set of administration and configuration services, Coral Team helps technology adopters tackle some of the most pressing challenges of Salesforce support:
Lack of Salesforce support skills in the current IT team
High cost of keeping Salesforce admins in-house
Lack of qualified Salesforce support specialists in the market
Valuable time wasted on troubleshooting

Removing the myths of outsourcing

We want to help businesses dispel the fear of outsourcing Salesforce technical support and ultimately get the service they deserve — all without the hassle of finding local vendors, and at just a fraction of their price. Here are the myths we strive to debunk:

Outsourcing is already just as expensive as local hires…

Compared to the average US costs of having onsite staff, support by Coral Team is 2+ times less expensive, with monthly savings of at least $4,000 per employee — not to mention taxes, social packages, and other indirect costs.

Outsourcing is associated with high risks…

We are located in Belarus, a country where IT is officially treated as a high-priority segment of the national economy. Companies like ours enjoy the benefits of a thriving business environment that drives innovation and technological excellence.

You lose control over the process…

We push the envelope to make sure that cooperating with us feels just like a natural extension of your in-house team. This is achieved through regular reporting, joint calls, on-site visits, and strict security policies.

Let’s talk

If you’ve made up your mind about partnering up with a reliable vendor to streamline Salesforce tech support, Coral Team is eager to become a trusted part of your team. Just use the contact form below or give us a call to reach one of our service representatives — and we’ll take it from there!