Supporting the rapid growth of Litify the leading legal practice management platform built on

Coral Team is proud to be the provider of ongoing customer support, implementation, customization and integrations services for new and existing customers of Litify.


Ongoing maintenance
Custom implementation

Litify is a successful startup in the growing field of management automation designed exclusively for legal professionals and law practices. Over 60 US-based legal service providers of varying sizes use Litify's Salesforce-powered web and mobile products to streamline their workflows.

Rapid growth made it difficult for Litify to keep up with increasing demand for their services without trading off product quality and development speed. In order to meet and exceed the high expectations of their clients, the company decided to outsource a part of its Salesforce support and implementation teams. This was how Coral Team became an integral part of Litify's delivery model.


The initial success of Litify's product led to a very rapid expansion of its user base. Delivering smooth implementations and reliable support services for both current and prospective customers required greater access to Salesforce experts. Rather than expanding its in-house team, Litify tapped into a pool of contractors, with Coral Team being on the short list.

Our reputation for reliability and CRM expertise made us an excellent choice to consider and we were up for the challenge, jumping right into a major implemenetation alongside Litify's core team.




Our collaboration with Litify evolved from standard Salesforce support to active involvement in developing and customizing Litify modules for specific clients. This required expanding our team and deepening our expertise in Salesforce and Litify products in a short timeframe.


Within the first year, our team expanded tenfold. Our focus on Litify centered on two crucial areas: integrating the platform into law firms' existing infrastructure and providing top-tier customer support.

Key services delivered


We integrate Litify with third-party tools popular within the client's target market, such as:
Document management solutions: Nintex Drawloop DocGen®, NetDocuments, DocuSign, Adobe Sign
Case management systems: Aderant, SmartAdvocate, Needles
Accounting systems: QuickBooks
Integration platforms: Workato
Cloud storage: Box, Dropbox
Email and calendaring services: G Suite, SmartCloud Connect, Microsoft Exchange
CTI integration: Ring Central, Vonage, CallRail
Custom API Webhooks
...and many more...

Other services delivered

Configuration and customization

Our assistance has been vital in helping Litify keep their current customers and attract new ones by customizing Litify apps like Intakes, Matters, and Parties to fit each customer's unique needs, creating new Salesforce flows, processes, and reports to streamline their operations and decision-making.


Faster delivery

Coral Team played a vital role in Litify's operations, facilitating numerous implementations and bolstering customer support. Thanks to the time difference between our headquarters in Poland and Litify in the U.S., we were able to ensure round-the-clock operations. With an expanded team, we were well equipped to support more customers and manage an increasing workload in product development.

More than a vendor

On top of providing technical support and coding, we have become a part of Litify's core development team, actively helping shape the path their technology takes moving forward. Our intimate level of engagement with the product facilitates pointing out software improvement opportunities and bottlenecks ‒ often before the client can spot them.

What we've learned

During this project, we amassed extensive expertise within the legal domain, enhancing our technological stack with innovative tools and components. Moreover, Coral Team has garnered invaluable experience through seamless integration into another company's delivery pipeline.

What the client says

Christian McLaughlin, Litify
Professional Services (LPS) Lead
“Working with Coral Team has been an incredible experience. As a rapidly growing SaaS company on the Salesforce platform, we needed to extend our Delivery Team as quickly as possible. We engaged, trained, and incorporated Coral Team in our implementations within a short amount of time, and have been successful in meeting our clients' expectations ever since. They are an extension and integral part of our team and I can confidently recommend Coral Team to any company looking to supplement their teams with highly-skilled Salesforce resources.”

Technology stack

Programming languages

Apex, C#, Python, Java, JavaScript


Aura Components, Visualforce, Lightning Web Components, Apex Trigger Framework


PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server, MySQL, SQLite

Servers and clouds

Heroku Server, AWS, Azure

Salesforce APIs


Off-the-shelf platforms and tools

Lightning Platform, Ant Migration Tool, Data Loader, Data Loader CLI

Third-party tools

JetBrains IDEA, PyCharm, DataGrip, VS Code, Illuminated Cloud, Salesforce Extension Park for VS Code

Operating systems

Windows 10, macOS, Ubuntu

Other, Salesforce 1