CoralCore. A Feature-packed .NET Software Development Framework for Modern B2B Solutions

Accelerate the development of complex business-to-business platforms
Since .NET Framework version 1.0 was released in 2002, our .NET team has successfully built and deployed dozens of enterprise products varying in size, complexity, architecture, and business purpose. In large part, the success of our work has been based on CoralCore, a proprietary framework that we've continuously developed over the years to facilitate the creation of large, multi-sided B2B platforms.

The framework provides everything you need for quickly laying the foundation of a typical B2B solution, buying the development team more time to focus on features specific to the client's line of business.

Here are just a few of the built-in CoralCore features:


Framework essentials

Logging, queuing, caching, authentication

UI themes and controls

Modern, customizable interface elements and UI themes (e.g. widgets, dashboards, grids)


Secure cloud-based architecture, multi-layered RBAC (tenants and roles within tenants, global roles)

Cloud connectivity

Ready-to-use interfaces for major cloud services such as Azure, O365, Amazon, and Box


Flexible reporting tools with rich visualization and exporting options; configurable audit trails

Access control

Role-based permissions and user management; registration wizard and new user approval workflows

A picture is worth a thousand words

Here are a few sample screens from a web application developed on top of Coral Core:

What are the benefits of using our .NET web application framework?

CoralCore can be used as the foundation for any type of a modern web-based LOB (line-of-business) application, but it's especially effective when powering a B2B platform, where multiple parties collaborate by exchanging information.

Having evolved from CoralMSP, a large SOX-compliant Billing and Operations system that we built, it is now a vast collection of meticulously designed and tested components that dramatically simplify the start-of-project groundwork and reduce the overall production time. In other words, your platform is up and running much sooner and at less cost than if it were developed from scratch.

Here are some of the CoralCore benefits that become evident once you go live:
Modern and user-friendly UI
Easier user onboarding and product adoption
Effective process automation
Dramatically improved data visualization and reporting
Open system architecture
Ease of maintenance and customization at every step of the way
A multitude of ready-made components for faster scaling up
High-performance calc engine (optional component)

Designed to scale

CoralCore is a highly scalable and expandable software development framework. You can easily add new features or replicate the existing functionality to cover other areas of your business. With a whole range of components and controls to choose from, you have complete freedom in terms of visualizing your data, building custom dashboards, creating process-specific data views, reports and other BI elements.
The framework fully supports localization and internationalization, which makes it much easier to build region-specific versions of your product later on. For a startup, going from MVP to a full-blown product will be a breeze.
Some of the complex systems built on top of CoralCore have thousands of users and crunch millions of transactions on a daily basis, complete with a full audit trail.

Success stories

How our .NET web application framework helps the world's leading brands

CoralCore fuels some of the key applications custom-built for large companies such as CBS, NBC, and Viacom. These clients appreciate the performance advantage provided by our software development framework and its innate flexibility, which makes it a perfect fit for building B2B portals and LOB apps..

Why choose Coral Team

Coral Team offers almost two decades of hands-on experience developing large enterprise systems. Following all applicable industry standards and our well-established internal processes, we consistently deliver quality at reasonable rates.

Staff seniority

Over 50% of our staff are certified senior software development engineers, many of whom hold one or more professional certificates from our development partners, Microsoft and Salesforce.


Being primarily offsite, we can offer considerably lower rates. Working with us translates into significant savings without compromising quality. In addition, we can provide on-site consulting in the US and EU.

High retention

We have managed to create a thriving, professional atmosphere that brought our attrition rate to a minimum. We value our team members and they respond with loyalty and respect for us and our clients.

Full-stack development

We are equally capable of building complex, resilient backends handling high loads, as well as marrying them to functional interfaces appreciated by both stakeholders and users.

Getting started with us

If you are looking for a vendor with a proven track record of building complex software solutions, you've come to the right place. We'll be happy to discuss your business needs and advise you on the most effective path forward. Connect with us using the form below, and one of our sales reps will get back to you shortly to set up a call.

With Coral Team, you're in the hands of professionals who not only meet and manage your expectations but also strive to exceed them at every step of the way.