Who we are

We’re a different school of fish

Coral Team is a uniquely talented group of IT professionals with the ability to dive deep for the enduring digital solutions you need. Our strength lies in the cognitive diversity of our team and the productive, long-term relationships we create with our clients.

We can help if you’ve been fishing for a software development partner able to build elegant, scalable solutions to meet your specific application needs.
As Microsoft Certified Partner, Coral Team provides the highest levels of technical expertise in Microsoft technologies, strategic thinking, and hands-on skills.
Coral Team has become a Salesforce Registered Partner confirming the company’s experience in Salesforce functionality implementation, as well as integration with other software solutions.

In numbers

What we believe

A sea of smarter solutions starts with a few core beliefs

Why should you care if your software development team shares fundamental values? Because a set of unified principles makes for stronger teamwork and a better final product. Here’s what Coral Team believes in:


To be a developer you need skills. To be a great developer, you need an inquisitive mind. Innate curiosity drives superior results.


We know that our software solutions are going to impact the lives of others. That’s the kind of software we design.


We’re resourceful, service-oriented, caring and helpful. Because we know that the best software solutions are those that are fully supported.


There is nothing like the gleam of humor to temper difficult tasks, overcome challenges, and maintain one’s perspective. We never lose ours.


We aren’t interested in business deals, we want relationships. The kind of enduring relationships with our clients that are infused with meaning.


We believe that trust in both business and personal relationships is built on honesty and integrity. Sincerity and kindness are ingrained in us, too.

Who we work with

We swim with some big fish
(and smaller ones, too)

Why do so many media, technology and financial companies work with Coral Team? Because we have successfully completed hundreds of bespoke development projects for a wide range of clients, from small start-ups to large multinationals. And we continue to manage, upgrade and support almost all of the systems we have built. We are proud of our customer retention rate of nearly 100%.

What we do

We build on our ocean of expertise

Coral Team engineers have exceptional capabilities and a wide range of expertise that you won’t find with other nearshore software solutions providers. Always hungry for engineering challenges, we make efficient work of every project from new product design to replatforming and data migration, web development to data visualization. See the full sweep of our skills, tools and technologies.

Software engineering

We believe that the success of your software project depends on a collaborative development approach. Our engineers love challenges. Arriving at solutions to your most difficult challenges is what drives us. Bring us your vision for an innovative product or the next generation of your legacy system, and we’ll utilize all aspects of software design and development to make it come to fruition.

Product discovery and design

Through cross-functional workshops, interviewing stakeholders, competitive analysis, process mapping, and rapid prototyping, the Coral Team will produce mock-ups and create a development schedule for your next project. We’ll substitute uncertainty for real empirical data, advise you about possible impractical features... and exceed your expectations. Whether it’s a seemingly wild idea, a novel inspiration, or actual data that drives you – we’ve got you covered every step of the way.

Replatforming and migration

Thinking about taking advantage of new technologies and the cloud infrastructure? We’ll help you preserve your existing software’s features by carefully planning and executing the replatforming of your current solution.

Need help with data migration? We’ll leverage our experience in migrating complex data sets to make the process seamless by using the right ETL tools and automated conversion routing designs to fit your budget and timeline.

Team augmentation

The Coral Team takes its time to grow and nurture engineering talent. Whether you need to fill a special skill gap or meet aggressive timelines, we have the resources you need. Leave the tedious, time-consuming work of recruiting, training and managing engineers to us. Let’s talk about your project and tailor the engagement according to your needs.

Data visualization, UI/UX design

Connecting data and graphic arts translates into powerful storytelling and allows for insights that surpass traditional reporting. Let’s work together on empowering your decision makers with the tools they need.

At Coral Team, we are passionate about simple, intuitive and functional user interfaces. We believe that user-centric design combined with data visualization translates to better user adoption and contributes to your bottom line.

Our expertise

How we do it

We dive right in

We don’t wallow, we work. Motivated by powerful purpose, Coral Team has perfected a number of transformative, execution-driven processes that assure shorter development cycles while delivering smart, adaptive, innovative software solutions. Whether we’re diving into a weeklong sprint or a two-year project, we’re agile, resourceful, reliable, flexible and fast.