Revitalizing Senior Fitness: Vivo’s Journey to Digital Integration with Coral Team

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In today's society, we're witnessing a remarkable turn towards an aging population that continues to lead vibrant, active lives well into their senior years. 

Against this backdrop, Vivo offers a pioneering fitness program tailored for seniors, focusing on rebuilding muscle and enhancing quality of life through science-backed strength training. 

Seeking to streamline their services and establish a distinctive, recognizable product, 

Vivo approached Coral Team with an ambitious goal to create and strengthen their own fitness product, entrusting Coral Team with the development of an integrated solution that consolidates their offerings and delivers a seamless user experience, thereby reinforcing the Vivo brand identity.


Faced with a disjointed digital landscape, our client was dealing with a mix of uncoordinated systems — Momence for scheduling, Zoom™ for interactive classes, a standalone Vivo Admin Web Application, and a separate group chat function. This fragmented approach watered down the Vivo brand and made for a more complex user experience: leaving them adrift in a sea of tabs and apps. The challenge? Coral Team’s goal was to provide a smooth, integrated experience that not only simplified user interaction but also amplified Vivo's brand cohesion across platforms.


Coral Team developed a modern application to elevate Vivo's digital fitness platform significantly. Our solution relies on Structured Integration for a solid foundation, Powerful Synchronization for real-time data sharing during classes, and Custom-Fit Tech for user-friendly access. Additionally, we embraced the challenge of Effective Integrations to harmoniously blend various platforms into one unified application. Coral Team strategy redefines digital fitness, making Vivo's platform more efficient, engaging, and user-oriented.

Structured Integration

Moving from our initial blueprint to tangible solutions, Coral Team initiated a structured integration to architect Vivo's application, focusing on Integration to unify the user experience across various services, and Automation to reduce the need for manual input and streamlining workflows. 

Central to our approach was a robust framework for data protection, ensuring the highest standards of security and privacy for user data. Throughout our development process, we adhered to stringent United States Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) guidelines on managing, storing, and processing Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Protected Health Information (PHI), ensuring confidentiality, integrity, and availability of sensitive data.

In the initial stage of constructing the Vivo platform, Coral Team built a smart setup that made important steps quicker and automatic, including:

  • Integration of data collection from Momence.

  • Construction of new databases for enhanced user management.

  • Comprehensive updates and revisions to the admin website.

  • Synchronization of the new Vivo website with the admin backend, eliminating the need for manual data entry by trainers.

Compared to traditional tracking methods, the illustrated reports from the Vivo application offer a more in-depth analysis of fitness progress, highlighting ongoing progress in strength, balance and endurance. These visual representations offer users a clear and insightful view of their fitness journey, enabling them to track improvements and identify areas for further development.

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Powerful Synchronization

With the foundation in place, we then focused on enhancing Vivo's live interactions through synchronization of biometric data. Coral Team addressed Vivo’s need for seamless biometric data synchronization across devices during live sessions by creating a system that efficiently synced heart rate data from Apple Watch, utilizing HealthKit, to iPhones, iPads, and website interface. This solution enabled live display of participants' vitals during Zoom™ workouts, facilitating personalized guidance from trainers based on real-time data. 

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Custom-Fit Tech

Right after achieving seamless data synchronization, we shifted our focus to refining the user experience, introducing custom-fit tech designed specifically for Vivo's community of older adults. To accommodate Vivo’s growing community, Coral Team developed an intuitive, dual-interface system for Zoom™ classes, enhancing accessibility for older adults with larger buttons and clear instructions, and equipping trainers with a control hub for personalized attention. This approach addressed both user-friendliness and advanced functionality, supporting Vivo's commitment to both physical fitness and digital ease for an aging population.

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