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Industry: Law

Services: Salesforce implementation, Customer Support

Client: Cohen & Mizrahi LLP is a law firm based in Brooklyn, New York. The firm has a variety of practice areas among them: Credit Report Errors, Background Check Errors, Bankruptcy, etc. To keep all client data in one place Cohen & Mizrahi LLP uses Litify.

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After going live Cohen & Mizrahi LLP looked for a company that already had experience with implementation of Accounting Seed and good knowledge of Litify products so that they could help them with support and additional implementation of features. The most important requirement was a quick response to upcoming challenges.



Back in 2020 Cohen & Mizrahi LLP came to Coral Team to set up Accounting Seed and further Salesforce Team expertise had noticed several issues in the current processes that had to be fixed. Our cooperation continues to date and we make it impossible to keep the bar high.


A more customer-driven approach was taken, a shift to custom development and maintenance of Litify products with a user-centric vision.

Key services delivered

  • Finding solutions on how to send reports in PDF format to external users
  • Financial page remastering
  • Lightning Record Page configuration and optimization
  • Email Alerts
  • Matter Plan Automation
  • Docrio
  • Litify Inbox
  • Support / Troubleshooting
  • User training and guides
  • Optimization of old inefficient processes
  • Proper quality assurance at each stage
  • Refactoring of existing processes
  • Custom code development for sending e-checks


  • PandaDoc
  • QuickBooks
  • Accounting Seed


Swift execution with close cooperation and frequent contact, we managed to build an effective process of task delivery. Regardless of the difference in time zones, we managed to deliver all necessary changes by the beginning of working hours.

What we’ve learned

A better understanding of client's needs and fast response to client's requests.