Superior Salesforce Customization Services

A full suite of customization services

Salesforce is so much more than a highly-configurable platform; it can be customized into a solution that will perfectly match your business processes and workflows. Our end-to-end Salesforce CRM customization services will make this task as painless as possible.

Salesforce UI

Modify the interface of your CRM according to your corporate standards and requirements.

Salesforce search

Customize your search to find complex, interconnected data sets with a couple of clicks.

Salesforce sidebar

Provide users with quick access to useful features.


Connect to any external systems via API's to add new features and data sources.

Salesforce business
process automation

Cut down on manual operations and reduce delays.

Salesforce application

Build new apps on top of the Salesforce platform.


Fine-tune your CRM to meet business needs and organizational roles.

Custom Salesforce

Streamlined data that's easy to read and analyze for wellinformed decisions.

Salesforce marketing

Automate large-scale marketing activities for increased sales.

Advantages of Salesforce CRM customization

Customizing Salesforce produces tangible benefits for your business:

Productivity boost

If done right, Salesforce customizations dramatically simplify routine operations, minimize process delays, and unlock new ways for your employees to achieve daily, monthly, and yearly goals.

Revenue increase

Winning more deals means making more money. Improve your conversion rates by adding new custom components and automating workflows used by your sales team and other departments.

Solid ROI

Introducing a CRM alone is powerful. However, your ROI can really take off with well-planned and properly implemented customizations that accelerate data processing, simplify communications, and streamline the sales funnel.

technology stack

We are well-versed in both trending and legacy Salesforce technologies, so even the most demanding customization request won't slow us down.
Apex Code & Triggers
Lightning Web Components
Rest API
Lightning Flows
Reports & Dashboards
Salesforce 1

We support key Salesforce
cloud services and products

Why customize Salesforce with Coral Team

Competitive pricing

We offer teams of certified Salesforce consultants and developers at offshore rates, thus saving you a great deal of money. In addition, we take away the burden of other expenses associated with hiring an in-house development team.

Always ahead of the curve

To keep the quality of our deliverables in line with our clients' expectations, we are firmly committed to remain cutting edge when it comes to current trends in Salesforce development.

Trusted by market leaders

Our deep Salesforce expertise and ability to get things done have already been appreciated by numerous international clients, including Litify, a major American legal SaaS platform with dozens of corporate subscribers.

Mature processes

We use agile processes to keep you in the loop, but not overwhelmed. We'll stay flexible and acceptive of new ideas, even halfway through the project, and make small yet meaningful and useful releases every couple of weeks. You'll always be able to accurately track progress at every step of the way.

Success Story

Litify, a U.S.-based cloud platform for law firm management, commissioned Coral Team to provide customization services for the growing influx of new companies signing up for their service.

Getting started
with your project

We're eager to hear your story and advise on the optimal approach to customizing your Salesforce CRM. Please use the contact form below to submit your request, and we will get back to you shortly with questions and a clear plan for the steps ahead.

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