Empowering Legal Companies: Coral Team’s Salesforce Solution for Consumer Attorneys LLP

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Meet Consumer Attorneys LLP, a dynamic startup making waves in the legal sphere. When they embarked on their journey to establish their own Salesforce org and kick-start their business, they turned to Coral Team for their expertise. Consumer Attorneys chose Coral Team not only for their deep understanding of the legal industry but also for their extensive knowledge in Salesforce implementation and support. Coral Team experience proved to be incredibly relevant for Consumer Attorneys, laying a solid foundation for their growth. Leveraging the Salesforce setup crafted by Coral Team, Consumer Attorneys swiftly transitioned from a startup to America's Largest Consumer Reporting Law Firm, a testament to the synergy between their vision and our capabilities.



Coral Team faced a series of challenges while implementing for Consumer Attorneys LLP. With a tight three-month deadline for MVP launch, time management was critical. Leveraging Salesforce platform licenses for most users, they achieved significant cost savings. Developing a dynamic API for lead capture, including file transfer capability, presented technical complexities. Throughout, Coral Team's expert consultation guided the implementation, ensuring a smooth process and successful outcomes.

Environment Setup and Data Modelling

Coral Team set up the working environment, which comprised the production org and multiple sandboxes for testing and development purposes. We developed a customized data model that aligned precisely with the client's requirements and leveraged Coral Team's expertise to ensure optimal functionality.


User Experience Configuration

Utilizing the Lightning app builder, Coral Team crafted a seamless user experience centered around single-page interaction, empowering users to navigate the entire system effortlessly. Additionally, they engineered an advanced status bar component, delivering real-time updates on Lead statuses and sub-statuses.