How to Choose the Right eSignature Software to Integrate with Your Salesforce CRM

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There are many different providers of eSignature software that integrate with Salesforce CRM. If you are trying to decide which eSign software best suits your organization’s needs and budget, it can be confusing and time-consuming to sort through the features of each one. In this article, we compare four popular software options for managing digital signatures to help you understand the pros and cons of PandaDoc, Nintex eSign, Adobe Sign, and DocuSign eSignature.

What is eSign Software and What Does It Do?

In the old days if you and I wanted a written agreement, we would meet together in-person with two paper copies. Each of us would come armed with a blue pen.  We would hand-write our names on each of the copies in our own unique style formally acknowledged as our signature  one for my records, and one for yours.

Often today, agreements need to be made without face-to-face meetings, and they can get complicated. Sometimes there are multiple signatories representing different organizations around the world. Other individuals may need to review, comment, and track the documents.

eSign Software Could Help Your Business Run More Efficiently

E-signature software tools like PandaDoc, Nintex eSign, Adobe Sign, and DocuSign eSignature  can improve efficiency and user experience. Using software for digital signing, users can electronically send, track, sign, and file documents  all without ever touching a printer or pen. This eliminates steps like printing, hand-signing, scanning and emailing documents; and it can help everyone involved stay up-to-date on the status of important documents.

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Why Integrate eSign Software with Your Salesforce CRM?

If your organization uses Salesforce for your CRM, integrating an eSign program can offer additional benefits. Sales proposals can be sent, tracked, signed and filed without leaving the Salesforce interface. Important documents will be trackable and accessible for relevant accounts and contacts. You can also tie key data points for your proposals to reports that help you understand and optimize your business. 

An Integrated Solution for eSign and CRM Can Benefit Many Stakeholders in Your Organization

Help your salespeople be more productive and close more deals. Avoid stalling the sales process because of an unwieldy process for signing proposals.  When you integrate your document signing software with your CRM, customers can sign quickly, you can complete the sale more efficiently, and everyone can move forward with the fun part  doing business together.

Give your customers a better experience for signing documents. Signing documents electronically is not just a convenience.  Many customers require an electronic signature option. ESign software eliminates friction and makes it easy for customers to do business with you.

Get better visibility and business insights for leaders.  Help your organization’s leaders get a clear picture of how proposals progress through the sales process. This important data can help with forecasting, strategic initiatives, and operational decisions.

Ask Yourself These 4 Questions to Help You Decide which eSign Software to Choose.

How Much Time Do You Need to Try the Software Before You Buy?

A free trial of the eSignature software might help you and your team get a better understanding of the product’s features and how they work. DocuSign eSignature and Adobe Sign have the most generous free trial. They both provide users with 30 days to try the software for free. PandaDoc’s free trial is 14 days, and Nintex eSign offers a 7 day trial by request.
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What is Your Budget?

Of the four programs we’re comparing in this article, PandaDoc has the lowest cost for entry and may be a good solution for small and mid-sized businesses. Nintex eSign starts with the highest price tag, but it’s important to look at the number of users you will need to compare apples to apples. Nintex eSign offers a license that covers your whole organization, while the others price the platform on a “per user” basis.
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How Would You Like to Send Documents? SMS, Email, or Both?

PandaDoc, Nintex eSign, Adobe eSign and DocuSign eSignature allow you to send documents for signature by email. PandaDoc does not have an SMS feature. The other three do have SMS, but each handles and prices it a little differently. Check out our comparison table below for details.
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Do You Need a Feature for Chat/Collaboration in Your eSign Program?

Do you want users to be able to comment and collaborate on documents in the signature process? Maybe you want to give customers the ability to redline or ask questions within the document.  Nintex eSign doesn’t have a collaboration feature.  PandaDoc, Adobe Sign and DocuSign eSignature all do, but Adobe Sign’s collaboration feature is limited to a comment box.


The IT professionals at Coral Team, which specialize in Salesforce customization and integration services, have compiled the table below to help you compare features and benefits of the four popular eSignature software platforms.  Explore the differences between PandaDoc, Nintex eSign, Adobe Sign, and DocuSign eSignature to see which best fits your needs. Please note that the features and information listed in this table are a summary of our research dated April 2021 and are compiled here for the readers’ convenience. Product information is subject to change as these vendors update their offerings. We recommend contacting the software providers directly with any questions.


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Learn More About Integrating eSign Software with Your Salesforce CRM

Contact Coral Team if you would like to discuss which eSign software is the best option for integrating with your unique instance of Salesforce. Once you’ve chosen an eSignature program, Coral Team’s software developers who frequently work on Salesforce integration assignments can also help you get it implemented and optimized so you can maximize your investment. As a registered Salesforce partner, Coral Team can help you meet your technical and business requirements and get the best solution up and running in your environment.